About Us

A Brief History

LEARNFAST REVIEW AND TUTORIAL HUB started on April 15, 2012 with third year biology students (Batch 2014) of UST – 3Bio3, UST – 3Bio2 and UE – 3Bio. On that same year we started the NMAT review and our first batch of reviewees obtained ONE HUNDRED passing rate (100%), with many garnering 90%, above 99%, and 99+ percentile rank in NMAT.

Since then, the Center has produced many NMAT topnotchers and has maintained the highest turnover of successful and very satisfied examinees with very good NMAT % rank. Our Center is unbeatable in this regard.

LEARNFAST has been phenomenally successful in preparing students for NMAT. It has quickly gained great popularity among the premed students of UST – College of Science, UST – College of Pharmacy and Medical Technology, and University of the East – Department of Biology.

We Are Specialists:
We recognize the core values and specialize in the subjects that are relevant to NMAT. We use the best tools and strategies in teaching our students. We always provide our students with the best service to enable them to achieve their goal of obtaining very good NMAT scores.

We Limit the Size of Classes:
Our weekly review classes are restricted to a maximum of 48 students per class. This allows us to give personal attention to each student. We only open big classes to accommodate those students who prefer to enroll and start late.

Success Doesn’t Come by Luck:
Success comes through the student’s own enthusiasm and hard work, combined with a well-paced and targeted review program that has been meticulously designed by the highly experienced founder of LEARNFAST to help enhance the student’s motivation, focus and learning skills required to pass the toughest exams.

LEARNFAST REVIEW AND TUTORIAL HUB takes pride in the high percentage ranking that its students consistently achieve. Our students learn fast, lead and succeed as they embark on the actual test.

The Center has been continuously working towards the improvement of the quality and standard of their review programs and methods of teaching. They continually update their lectures and other supplementary materials, which are given free to the reviewees. The teachers spend much time in research and reading new edition books, journals, and magazines to increase the depth and breadth of their knowledge and to keep abreast with the new developments in science and technology. Most of our review lecturers have Masteral and Doctorate degrees. We have also adopted a specialized program of reinforcing the understanding of each NMAT subject through a series of examinations.

The Center remains highly dedicated, totally devoted and strongly determined to be the best review center in the Philippines in the field of ALLIED HEALTH PROFESSIONS AND LICENSURE EXAMINATIONS and in whatever field they may enter into in the future.

Our Mission and Vision

Our mission is to consistently provide high quality review and mentoring programs that will make our students Learn, Lead and Succeed in their preparation for their chosen profession.

Our vision is to help our students gain quality in-depth knowledge that is essential for their chosen profession, through a strategic approach of honing their skills and learning ability, and recognizing and transforming their weaknesses into strengths, thus giving them confidence to succeed in their profession.


1. “Learning – by – doing” Style of learning is imparted to our students: Our review sessions consist of periodic assessment tests. Productivity of our students is achieved through practice, self-perfection and application of their innovative testtaking abilities. Testwiseness approach of training our students is used to influence our students’ cognitive ability. We teach our students to utilize the characteristics and formats of the test and testtaking situation to receive a high score. LEARNFAST is famous for testwiseness and we organize each session with test coaching to develop the skills of testwiseness.

2. Proven Track Record: Our students have consistently registered the highest % rank in admission tests of the top Medical Schools.

3. Speciality Teachers: Highly motivated teachers transform our students by providing knowledge, skills, building character, and instilling virtues. Our teachers have high sense of well-being & motivation to increase the good qualities of our students

4. Thought Association: This technique enables our students translate words, topics, and concepts with images so they can retain chunks of information, better understand the interconnectedness of concepts and produce more creative ideas.

5. Exceptional Programs: Our “Exam – based” review program prepare our students for their examinations.

6. Well-researched Review Materials: We are steadfast in research and development of best review materials for our students. Our students are well-trained for difficult exams.

7. Simulated Exams: We give series of exams to allow our students discover their weak and strong areas in the various topics of the review. All the exams are discussed with the students using testwiseness approach.

8. Refresher & Coaching Course: Our review offers refresher course to invigorate our students’ confidence and inspire our students to excel in their examination.

9. Review Assistants & Coordinators: Our review coordinators help keep our classes orderly for effective learning & teaching.

10. High quality of classroom environment: Our classrooms are clean and well air-conditioned that enhance the physical environment and give our students a sense of improvement.