Premium Quality Teaching Testimonies of Students in LEARNFAST REVIEW AND TUTORIAL HUB – JAN 2022 ONLINE NMAT

UPLB – D Veterinary Medicine

At the beginning of my LEARNFAST journey, I realized how much I did not know and how much I have forgotten from my years of focusing on my profession. Studying as an animal doctor trained me to be objective, be logical, and have a solid background in my subjects. Brute memorization and a lot of conceptual understanding were needed back then. I would only be confident in answering unless I knew the concepts by heart, which required accumulation of a lot of information. I was a crammer and a procrastinator back in my college days so the thought of requiring myself to learn and re-learn a multitude of concepts from a variety of subjects in less than 3 months was overwhelming. With all this in mind, I believed that getting a high score in NMAT was just wishful thinking.

The innovative methods introduced by LEARNFAST and the pace of activities allowed me to encourage myself to be disciplined, to manage time wisely, and most of all, to be resourceful – that is – to accept my limitations, to understand that it is okay not to know everything, and to use whatever is presented to me make seemingly complicated matters simpler. I regained confidence with myself in the process and with the addition of comprehensive review sessions, brain-stimulating exercises, and encouraging teachers, I was able to overcome my doubts about how I would do in the examination.

The whole LEARNFAST experience and the testmanship skills I gained helped me a lot in my NMAT. After taking the test, I was sure to have done well. I had set my eyes on a “99+” not only because of what opportunities the high score open but also, to prove that if I can take the step to believe in myself and in what I can do, more than anyone, no goal is too impossible a feat. And I did. Now, I am more than ready to take on medical school with the right mindset. Thank you, LEARNFAST.

2. ANG, ADRIAN (99+)

At first, I was worried for the NMAT as I had not touched on the concepts needed for the NMAT for a long time. Also, I had work at the same time I was preparing for the exam. However, with the help of the system of problem solving and critical thinking emphasized in the discussion, as well as the way how the discussions focused on the most important topics, I was able to gain confidence in answering the exam come the day I was to take my exam. The program also helped me structure my time reviewing in such a way that I was able to cover most (if not all) of the topics that I needed to review for the NMAT in a shorter amount of time, even with my busy work schedule. In the end, I was able to get a percentile rank beyond what I expected. I would like to thank the Lord as well as the help of the Learnfast team in helping me achieving more that what I expected.


When I took the college entrance exams, I merely relied on my stock knowledge and didn’t review at all, which resulted to unsatisfactory results (I wasn’t accepted in my first-choice university and program). It was then that I realized how challenging it was for me to self-study for standardized tests.

So, as NMAT was nearing, I enrolled in Learnfast so that I’ll be prepared this time! Learnfast is the primary reason how I achieved a high PR which I didn’t even think was possible for my capabilities. I enrolled in their budget package (because I already reviewed for the NMAT before) which was more than enough, as it consisted of lectures on testmanship, Part 2 topics, and mock exams! Answering the modules and mock exams provided were the most helpful for me, as I became used to the time pressure and became familiar with the pace needed to finish the exam (this was especially helpful for the quanti, IR, and PA subtests.) Most fortunately as well, around 5-10 questions from the review came out in the actual NMAT!

Thank you so much to the Learnfast team, especially to Doc Junie and Ms. Bianca, for their guidance and encouragement throughout my review. If you’re like me who doesn’t make study schedules or has a hard time self-studying, enroll in Learnfast! Just do the tasks they give, and you’ll surely do great in the NMAT!


I can say with great confidence that Learnfast really helped me in getting a 99 on my NMAT. Months before the NMAT, I started collecting various review materials that I could get online because I wanted to prepare as early as I could. However, I felt really overwhelmed when I started browsing all of the materials because it looked like there were too many to study than what I needed and what I can efficiently digest. Due to this, I was not able to actually study the review materials I collected.

I am thankful to Learnfast because their review classes gave me a clear sense of direction. They emphasize what topics I should focus on, making the review less burdensome and overwhelming. Due to personal struggles that I had to handle along with other responsibilities at home and in school, I only started religiously reviewing for the NMAT in December but all thanks to Learnfast’s review tips, I was still able to review efficiently. My only regret is that I should have reviewed the mock and CL practice tests before taking the NMAT because those tests provided by Learnfast will surely provide you a clear depiction of the style of questions that would actually be on the NMAT.

5. SHANE AUDREY LIM (99)         

Balancing internship, board review and the NMAT was nowhere near easy but Learnfast really helped us in instilling discipline and commitment in preparing for the exam. They were generous by heaps in giving us practice tests, notes and discussions which enabled me to prepare well for the NMAT. Also, Learnfast helped us establish the foundational knowledge we needed and molded in us testmanship skills in times of emergency. Their style of teaching was practical, simplified, and understandable. They were the review center I was looking for.

My preparation for the NMAT, personally, wasn’t the most intense and I had really low scores, which were very disheartening, but Learnfast helped streamline and simplify what I needed to study and practice on. I honestly was just hoping for a PR of 95 (& above, God willing) but I was able to get a 99 because of their high yield learning materials & God’s favor. Once again, thank you sirs & ma’am!


I knew from the upperclassmen that review centers will help me get a higher NMAT score. When I enrolled in Learnfast, there are a lot of techniques that I learned which I may not have encountered if I did not enroll in a review center. All of us can study. But with Learnfast, I realized that there is a more efficient way of studying to obtain a higher score. NMAT is not your typical academic test. There are patterns and concepts exclusive for NMAT. With the help of Learnfast, I took advantage of knowing these patterns and strategies. I only have little time available since I’m a graduating student. I learned from LEARNFAST how to study smart and use what little time I have to produce a high yield score.

 In part 1 of NMAT, I learned a lot of techniques in Inductive Reasoning, Perceptual Acuity and Verbal. My most favorite technique was from the inductive reasoning where I use the skip pair and continuous pairing to find the next sequence. It was 100 percent accurate in all of the mock tests. The trick with comparing the long texts in perceptual acuity was also accurate. At first, I struggled with these areas but with the techniques I learned, I was faster in answering my mocks.

In the special areas, Ms. Bianca was very adamant in using conceptual understanding. This method made me realize that I don’t need to know everything by the book. I can work with the knowledge I have and eliminate choices to produce the best possible answer. In LEARNFAST, I learned to study smart not just to study hard.


During the time I was looking for an NMAT review center, I was recommended by a friend of a friend that Learnfast is where I should apply if I wanted to aim for a high percentile score that will help me qualify into medical schools. As someone who decided to go through a non-traditional route in pursuit of a medical degree—I have a degree in civil engineering—Learnfast helped me course through the subjects with ease as I had literally no background in Biology, Social Science, and I only studied General Chemistry during freshman year in college. Learnfast gives premium on a balance between testmanship skills and learning the required topics efficiently by offering a lot of practice tests. In this way, you do not only get to study the topics but also apply them through a practical approach of solving test questions. Learnfast exceeded my expectations as they aided me through my review for the NMAT. Although I initially enrolled 5 years ago in Learnfast, I can say that the same expectations I had were still exceeded when I enrolled 5 years later. And I highly appreciated it that they never forgot me as their previous student and still treated me with the same nurturing guidance and understanding when I enrolled earlier this year (during the time prior to my finally taking the NMAT). I can confidently vouch that I wouldn’t have gotten my percentile score if it were not for Learnfast, their assistance, and their training.


As a full-time student who is also working, I had a hard time juggling the load of studying for NMAT with other responsibilities. I wasn’t able to study much as much as I want to especially near the exam period. However, the LEARNFAST sessions and test sheets helped me in familiarizing terms and concepts I had difficulty processing on my own. They helped narrow down the field of study to more digestible components we could understand and process. We were also taught testmanship skills among other tips to narrow down choices for questions too hard to solve or we lack knowledge of. They also guided us not just with the test content itself but with the workings of the NMAT and CEM like how to register, what will we need for the exam and even helped us troubleshoot issues we encountered taking the exam. 

The questions in the NMAT exam were actually really similar in structure with the modules we did with LEARNFAST. I initially had very low scores with the mock tests, but trying to understand the principles behind the questions helped me in increasing my score bit by bit. I was actually not good at Math, so quantitative, chemistry and physics were actually very scary for me but we were taught that there are other ways in solving numerical problems without fully computing them. That made the weight lighter, allowing me to be level-headed in addressing questions I had difficulty with. 


What I really like about Learnfast are the lecture videos; they are comprehensive and it allows you to have a deeper conceptual understanding of the topic. Other than the lecture videos, they give you a good set of practice questions that allows you to apply the knowledge that you’ve learned. Learnfast also gives their students tips on testmanship and how to approach the questions in the NMAT, which was helpful during the exam day itself. Thank you!


Thank you to the Learnfast Team for the review. They helped me a lot in training me for preparing for the NMAT. Going in, I did not know what to expect since I had limited knowledge in chem and physics. However, the Learnfast review helped me overcome those so that I could do my best for the test and try to get into my dream school. It also trained my mind for the inductive and quantitative exams. Will definitely recommend this to my friends and family. Once again thank you po to the Learnfast team!

LEARNFAST is a good place to learn especially for those that have a hard time studying on their own. You can trust them with guiding you to that coveted 90+ score. Thank you LEARNFAST!


The videos and lectures were all high-yield and helped me understand concepts that were either forgotten or completely unfamiliar. The mock tests really helped me simulate the test and made me more confident during the actual test date. The provided modules also helped me distribute each topic/subject evenly in my schedule without being overwhelmed by the countless concepts that I need to learn. Overall, Learnfast’s review material was more than enough to perform well during the NMAT. I was able to get 94 PR po, which is more than enough (I think) for the medical school (UST) I am applying to. Thank you po for being so kind and patient to your students!