Premium Quality Teaching Testimonies of Students in LEARNFAST REVIEW AND TUTORIAL HUB – NOV 2021 ONLINE NMAT


I enrolled in LEARNFAST along with a group of friends because they were kind enough to offer a discount when a group reaches a number of people (kaya mag-aya na kayo! barkada bundle ika nga). I got the PREMIUM hectic learner’s packet because my program is exactly as the name states: super hectic. This offers a full access to the videos and their recordings so that you can insert them in your schedule. The review is structured and very easy to follow. You don’t need to think about it because they did it for you already. Just listen, take the mock test, and take note of your mistakes. That’s it! Along with that, Learnfast also closely monitors your progress, so they don’t catch you lacking. If time isn’t on your side, I’d definitely recommend LEARNFAST to learn fast. Love to all the instructors!

My NMAT experience:

The verbal part of the aptitude test had very long excerpts. Some of the questions allow you to skip to a certain paragraph to answer them but I always found myself reading all of the passages to answer the other items. Quantitative reasoning was a little easier than expected. the quantitative reasoning course in my packet definitely prepared me for that part. The hardest was inductive reasoning and also where I used my white board the most to map out whatever sequence they need me to find the next item for. My favorite part was perceptual acuity. The trick there is not to bother the reference image. Go right to the choices and scan for differences. Once you find one, then compare to the reference image to cross it out. It’s even easier for the perceptual acuity items with sentences as there’s often a difference in punctuation. The spelling is often hardest weed out. My eyes started hurting during the acuity parts.

For the special area tests, I did see some of the items from the review book. It’s either you know it or you don’t. Luckily I already have quite the background in Chemistry so I could dig deep into my mind how to do the converting and the limiting reagents.

Overall, not that nerve wracking. The review definitely helped me edge out a lot of points.


At first, I was really hesitant whether I should enroll in Learnfast, because it was costly, and an additional expense during the pandemic. However, let me tell you that the prices of the packages in Learnfast were really worth it. I am also grateful that they also offer lots of discounts, especially if you enroll early and as part of a big group.

Throughout the course of the review sessions, I saw how I improved in my test-taking skills. Learnfast teaches their students not only concepts, but also testmanship skills. Aside from showing you the topics you need to focus on, they also give you tips on how to answer questions you know little to nothing about. They teach you how to approach the inductive reasoning, and perceptual acuity subtests – the subtests I found to be the most difficult before I enrolled in Learnfast, and now to be actually quite easy (still challenging but easier than other subtests for me). They also teach students how to answer fast and correctly; very important for competitive time-pressured tests such as the NMAT.

The materials they gave were also complete. The practice tests, lecture materials, and reinforcement tests really helped me prepare for the NMAT. Their synchronous and asynchronous lectures were fully packed with the concepts you need to know for the exam. The instructors were also very accommodating to students. They also offer reinforcement or sit-in classes, depending on your package, which were also very helpful.

When the results came out, I did not expect myself to get a high percentile ranking. This semester was one of the most hectic semesters I’ve had, and I had little time to review for my NMAT. November was also the month when most students decided to take the NMAT, which meant that it was more competitive. Thankfully, even though I enrolled in Learnfast during the summer, the learnings given by Learnfast retained until the time I took my NMAT in November. The reinforcement classes they gave near my exam date recapped most of the necessary information, and also refreshed my test-taking mindset. I am also most grateful that they extended the access to the google drive of learning videos and materials. It gave the time I need to balance my NMAT review with my academic responsibilities.

With God’s grace, the help of the people around me, and the academic guidance Learnfast offered, I was able to get a PR exceedingly higher than my expectations. Thank you so much Learnfast! I am beyond grateful for your help, as this serves as a big step towards me realizing my dreams as a future doctor


I actually enrolled in the hectic learners package because I was really busy this sem especially with my thesis & majors. I actually was not able to follow the intended schedule I envisioned to feel prepared and confident because of my other engagements. However, true to their name, Learnfast really helped me learn what I needed to learn to ace the NMAT fast. With their tips and tricks, I saw a huge improvement in my test-taking strategy especially in IR & PA — both of which are subjects that I would normally struggle with had I not been taught how to answer them strategically by Learnfast. Their reviewers in Social Sciences in particular also helped me a lot especially since my undergraduate degree did not really cover a lot of the topics in that field. I only consulted with their references and as they said, all of this is more than enough to get 99+! I am really thankful to Learnfast for being patient with me and consistently messaging me to ask for updates and to remind me to study. More than their very comprehensive review materials, I could feel that they cared about each and every student and their progress. Thank you so much Learnfast!


I would be the first in my family to go to med school so I had no idea what to expect, but Learnfast guided its students not just through their review materials but also through their tips and reminders for NMAT. I enrolled in the asynchronous section and they supplied me with multiple review materials that I didn’t even have to use other review materials I have already downloaded. They teach each concept effectively and efficiently which is why my analytical skills were refined. The review lectures and materials were incredibly rich with the necessary information that helped me achieve my PR. Learnfast also checks up on their students to make sure they are on the right track, despite having an asynchronous setting. I am 100% certain that I would not have achieved this score without their help. They have both quality and quantity in their materials and lectures because they have carefully picked out what the students really need. I considered a lot of other review centers (some of which were more expensive) before deciding on Learnfast, and it definitely was the right decision. Thank you so much Learnfast!


Learnfast helped me a lot to achieve my goal PR. I was scared at first because I felt like I didn’t have enough time as I started studying only 2 months before my test date. In that 2 months, I attended all the sessions and was amazed by how Learnfast approached all of the concepts. They somehow made such a wide coverage easy to understand and remember. From teaching us smart test taking skills to applications instead of memorization, it really helped me a lot. I was hesitant at first to trust the methods taught to us on how to answer multiple choice tests but it was so effective especially for the questions I wasn’t familiar with. Learnfast also offers a lot of modules and mock tests that were really similar to the NMAT itself. I was worried because I’d get low scores answering them but I just kept practicing and it reflected in my NMAT PR. Take advantage of the uploaded lecture videos especially the modules and mock tests. It really helped to answer them again and again. I really appreciate Learnfast because they were responsive during the preparation process and I don’t think we can find that in any other review center. I’d ask questions a lot and they wouldn’t hesitate to answer and even provide explanations that deepened my understanding even more. Trust Learnfast with your NMAT review and you won’t regret it


I was scared to take the NMAT because I know for myself that I wasn’t good in inductive reasoning and perceptual acuity. Those were my weaknesses even when I took college entrance tests. Learnfast’s modules helped me improve my scores in those subtests. As for Part 2, I wasn’t confident about SocSci. My college curriculum didn’t have a lot of social sciences in it. It’s good that the topics in Learnfast’s modules, especially for SocSci, are really well-chosen because I was still able to get a good score in this subtest even if I didn’t have a strong background on it.

7. ALEXIS ROCA (99+)

I was introduced to LEARNFAST through a friend, who had heard from his cousins that it was the best review center for NMAT. I didn’t really have plans to sign up since I was confident enough in my self-study skills, but I’m grateful that I did. More than lectures and notes, LEARNFAST provided plenty of reliable practice tests and exercises that helped me develop both my test-taking and critical thinking skills.

An often repeated sentiment was that memorizing concepts is not as important as understanding them and knowing how to identify the most appropriate answer even if you don’t know the topic. It’s impossible to master everything— I locked myself in my room to study for 1 month straight and I still felt unsure of my answers during the actual test. However, because I took all of the practice tests, I had enough practice applying both basic concepts and testmanship. I used to roll my eyes at it, but I’m fairly certain that testmanship was my saving grace during the NMAT. That is not to say that mastery of concepts is not important; however, given the amount of time to prepare and the sheer volume of topics, it would be more efficient to master at least the basics and develop deeper understanding of them through application in practice tests and mock exams.

LEARNFAST pushes you hard. They’re extremely hands-on— they check up on you, remind you to understand (not just read), and nudge you to send your scores for the practice tests. It may be a bit overwhelming, but it helps to have someone push you towards excellence. For me, it helped me achieve things I never really thought I had the potential to. Overall, more than just test-taking skills, LEARNFAST taught me the importance of not only working hard, but working both smarter and harder.


When I was preparing for the NMAT, I was VERY skeptical about review centers thinking that they were mostly just a waste of time and money. However, many of my classmates were taking review centers such as Learnfast and they had nothing but praise so I eventually gave Learnfast a shot. And, to be honest, after taking the NMAT and seeing my results, I could say that Learnfast really did become a huge part if not, the ONLY reason that I was able to achieve the PR that I got. Even though I was not able to follow their schedules for the live lectures due to the busy semester, all of their reading materials, recorded live lectures, asynchronous videos, mock tests and lecturers were very helpful in allowing me to learn and re-learn what I needed to know and how I could learn it in the most effective way possible. Their testmanship tips and tricks on how to answer the NMAT, especially with Part 1, was a very big help for me in answering the QUANTI and IR sections efficiently, allowing me to focus more time on the other sections which are usually my weaker side. I also appreciated with how I knew I was improving through their modules and mock tests, allowing me to focus on my weaker subjects while strengthening my stronger subjects. Without Learnfast, I honestly would have not gotten a high PR score and for that, thank you Dr. Mangahas, Ma’am Bianca and all of the Learnfast staff that made this possible! Truly a “bang for your buck” for someone who wants to have a high PR in the NMAT.


Taking the NMAT during one of the busiest semesters I’ve experienced in my college was something I really struggled with mentally, emotionally and physically. However enrolling in Learnfast really helped me manage the stress and anxiety that NMAT could bring. Every review session really built discipline in me to put priority in NMAT in the midst of other commitments. I felt like I was really equipped with learnings both in testmanship and how to solve each problems conceptually. I am grateful to Learnfast for being persistent in teaching us the different concepts, in giving us review questions, and training us for each subtest. It was the skills and knowledge I learned in the review that helped me maintain my composure and confidence when taking the exam, and really gave me a push towards the high NMAT percentile I was aiming for.

Thank you to LEARNFAST for your constant support and efforts throughout this whole ride!


Before my preparation for the NMAT, I struggled in the usual subjects of a standardized exam. I had difficulty answering practical problems in subjects such as Chemistry and Physics or even identifying different patterns among figures. This struggle was evident during my first mock exams for the NMAT, in which I acquired very low scores. However, through Learnfast’s program, I developed critical thinking skills and keen observation, which helped me significantly during the exam. I was exposed to different shortcuts and techniques that made navigating the exam easier. Also, they promoted creative thinking by creating analogies which made analyzing problems more manageable. The materials, such as the practice tests, were of great help, especially in assessing my knowledge regarding the topics. Last, the very hardworking, passionate, and engaging instructors motivated and reminded me to strive even harder and study smarter. With all these factors, I was able to surprise myself by achieving a PR score higher than I expected. Thank you so much to Dr. Mangahas, Maam Bianca, and Sir Norman for the guidance; truly the best review center!


I was never confident of getting a high PR in NMAT due to my lack of study habits, and the fact that I did not know where to begin and what to study. Through Learnfast, I was given a systematic approach towards preparing specifically for the NMAT, with the sole goal of getting the highest PR possible. The facilitators in Learnfast are professionals, showing mastery in each of their own specialty topics. Not only was I able to grasp concepts I could not before, I also learned techniques and how to think logically to answer even the most unanswerable questions. Learnfast gave me the confidence and skills to be a good test taker. Thank you to Doc Junie, Ma’am Bianca, and all of the Learnfast staff. I’m sorry I couldn’t finish all the modules in time, if I did maybe I could’ve gotten a higher PR.


I only heard of Learnfast Review Center due to my block mates inviting me to join in as a group and get a discount.

I was apprehensive at first and is partly due to that expensive price for their packages.

But let me tell you now that it is all worth the price. I got in a bit late, and I did not get the full discounted package, but they still gave us some privileges such as Zoom recorded meetings and free sit in meetings when they know your putting in the effort.

When I started doing the problem sets I was discouraged at first due to how horrendous I was doing but through their teachings and testmanship skills I gradually improved.

There were some hiccups here and there, but I just followed their teachings wholeheartedly. I only reviewed religiously a week before my NMAT and I was expecting to flunk it but I still followed their teachings.

That is why I was truly surprised about the score that I have gotten, I really did not expect this but through their teachings, and God’s will I got an NMAT score that I can be proud of. Once again I cannot thank enough the people who make up Learnfast, Doc Mangahas, Ma’am Bianca, and Sir Norman for always giving their best into helping and honing us into future great doctors.


I was never the kind of person who excels on standardized tests like the NMAT, so I was not very confident that I will be able to get my target PR. Thankfully, my friends and I came across Learnfast Review and Tutorial Hub. I started with very low scores on practice tests, but throughout my review, I noticed that my scores improved a lot. They provided us with sufficient review materials, just enough for us to grasp the important concepts and practice our testmanship skills, but not overwhelming us since we also have other academic responsibilities. This is complimented by the instructors’ concise and practical discussions, which emphasizes conceptual understanding, mental shortcuts, and honing our test-taking skills. Although they handle a lot of students, they still catered for our individual needs, and this is very evident since they periodically assess our performance on mock tests and offer one-on-one tutorial. Together with good time management and hard work, Learnfast really helped me during my preparation and the test itself. For this, lots of thanks, Learnfast!


Learnfast has really helped me with my NMAT journey. They did not only teach me the ins and outs of NMAT, but they also taught me how to be a better test taker wherein I discovered new ways of thinking which were unknown to me before. It is also worth mentioning that I took the cheapest package. Despite this, I did not feel left out because the practice tests and learning materials were more than enough. I think this is what sets them apart from other review centers.


I first heard about Learnfast from a family friend and a senior who went to the center. Knowing I had weak foundations in chemistry, physics and social science, and being muddled by the sedentary pandemic life, the idea of taking NMAT to me was very daunting at first. There was such a broad coverage and I had so much area to cover and I didn’t know where to start nor if the materials I had would come out in the exam. So I enrolled myself on May 2021. I enrolled early and true enough it was super worth it. There was so much learning material made available to me early on, from prerecorded lectures to practice sets and prerecorded explanations. Aside from the asynchronous resources, synchronous classes in August also kept me in check and pushed me to stop procrastinating. They even allowed me to attend sit-in classes in October and November. They also taught me testmanship techniques and so much advice which proved to be life-savers during the actual NMAT. Doc Mangahas was also very generous enough to extend my learning material access TWICE when I chose a later date to take the NMAT exam. They also guided me when I encountered issues with CEM registration.

I took the exam last November, more than half a year after enrolling in Learnfast and was lucky enough to get a 96 PR. Though I didn’t get the review center’s 99+ target like the others, I’m beyond grateful since this is already so much more than I expected to get. I have so much gratitude to Miss Bianca and Doc Mangahas who motivated me to keep pushing on despite scoring badly over and over again in the practice sets. Funny thing is, I scored highest in the subjects I feared the most. Even higher than my own major! I have Learnfast to thank for that.


Initially, I tried self-studying for the NMAT but it became challenging for me. My friend recommended Learnfast and had myself enrolled in the working/hectic learners edition which is basically the asynchronous edition. In my opinion, my experience with Learnfast was very beneficial for many reasons. They meet their students on a scheduled basis and actively check on our progress with their test packets. They also give us exclusive review materials and is open for a one-on-one Q&A chat in case there is something that I wanted to further clarify. Finally, I also think that their learning environment is what sets them apart since they highly encourage their students to participate (and not just sit-and-watch), introduce us with some logical approaches when taking the NMAT, and actively reminds us of the consequences of absenteeism. This made me more engaged in reviewing during my time with them. To Doc Junie, Maam Bianca and the rest of the Learnfast Team, thank you so much!


True to its name, LEARNFAST is really a shortcut to acing the NMAT. In my experience, even I was not able to finish all their learning materials, I was still able to get my dream 99 percentile. For some context, I enrolled in July and was scheduled to take my exam in November. I applied for the hectic schedule because I know my acads responsibilities will hinder my study. For the first two months, I was able to finish all modules and I learned a lot of testmanship techniques. However, when the semester started, I was not able to study at all. When November came, I was not confident anymore because I neglected my study for months. I was full of anxiety. But the teachers from LEARNFAST assured me that I will be able to do it… And I did. I’m very thankful because the testmanship skills I learned during the vacation was really useful. I am also very thankful for the kind teachers who gave me hope when I was about to give up.