I first heard of Learnfast from my friends and peers when I was looking for a review center that could fit in well with my hectic student schedule. I was not sure if I could join weekly synchronous sessions religiously, so I was searching for a review center that would help me study at my own pace. Learnfast was highly recommended, and as luck would have it, they have an asynchronous learning package which I ultimately decided to take.

The asynchronous package was packed with mock tests, video lectures, and explanations for the modules that I thoroughly enjoyed reviewing. The modules were a real challenge and watching the video lectures was enjoyable as complex concepts were easily explained. Also, Learnfast taught me important techniques, tips, and shortcuts that are not available anywhere else which allowed me to answer the NMAT with confidence and precision.

Lastly, having taken the asynchronous package did not mean that I was left alone trying to understand lessons I found extra difficult- Through messenger, Doc Mangahas and Miss Bianca were always available and happy to explain concepts I had trouble understanding. They even gave me Important tips when studying. I never once felt that I was left to my own devices in Learnfast.

For anyone who aims to have a high NMAT percentile rank, LEARNFAST is truly the best option out there.

For me, Learnfast’s teaching approach is effective in that the most important and high-yield concepts are simplified and emphasized throughout the discussions.

Various test-taking strategies and time management tips were also given, which were very helpful in the actual exam. The instructors in Learnfast were also very patient, supportive, and responsive to students’ queries; they were easily reached via Messenger.

Thank you very much po to Learnfast for your invaluable help throughout my NMAT journey.

Even before I started reviewing with Learnfast, I began studying for the NMAT months ahead without any real guidance. I even attended another review center in order to get a head start as I knew that the batch taking the mid-year exams was going to be tough competition. Because of this, I kept my expectations realistic aiming for at most a 90-95. But, I was really unhappy with how the review classes went because of how inefficient their system of teaching was. Feeling unsatisfied, I searched for another review center in order to bolster my knowledge and testmanship skills even further. Through my friends who were also about to take the NMAT, I then learned of Learnfast.
I took on their Hectic Learner’s Edition package, as my classes and academics prevented me from being able to attend the live sessions. This flexibility allowed me to learn at my own pace and maximize
everything that Learnfast has to offer. My expectations were blown away with Learnfast’s system as well as with how much their tips translated over to the actual test day. Compared to my previous review center, more mock tests as well as sets were given to really help the student grasp the concepts in each category. Dozens of hours worth of asynchronous material and videos helped me prepare mentally for all
possible questions. Learnfast focuses on testmanship skills as opposed to memorizing and knowing every detail. The “Heuristic Approach” is the foundation of Learnfast’s system and is highly recommended to master in order to achieve a high percentile score.

I was very confident and well-prepared for the test day because of the tools Learnfast armed me with and well enough, I surpassed even my own expectations and achieve a very high percentile rank. Learnfast can truly help bring you one step closer to you medical school dreams.

It was always my dream to take NMAT since I was in high school. However, that dream became quite blurry after experiencing hardships during college that made my self-esteem hit rock bottom. It was already a year after graduation that I was able to gather the guts and say, “Why not?” and tried to prepare for the NMAT this 2021. Multiple demanding jobs plus preparing for an exam that you dream of ever since you were a kid was not an easy combination. It feels like juggling multiple knives at the same time where in one wrong move, everything can mess up big time. It was then when me and my best friend heard of the package of Learnfast and decided to enroll. For NMAT takers with jobs like us,
Learnfast’s package and schedule is like a gift from heaven. The struggle between having an extra hour of rest and sleep in bed versus attending the high yield classes during Saturday and Sunday, answering their endless mock tests and modules, reviewing all their lectures, and practicing my most favorite “Heuristic Approach” – all of these were challenging, but it would really help you think critically and manage your time, which is very important during the actual NMAT test. Everything was worth it and paid off. I never really expected to get a percentile rank like this, but after countless nights of hard work and perseverance together with Learnfast, I have reached something that is way beyond my expectations. It was always a running joke to me and my family that my NMAT result would be my ultimatum if I would finally pursue that long lost dream. With this result, I believe that burning passion became alive once again. Learnfast became a big part of it.

My friends invited me to join their review class under Learnfast. I decided to join them despite not planning to take the NMAT at the time.

The review sessions helped refresh my knowledge on subjects I haven’t had in a long while. There are numerous resources included in the affordable packages. The available mock tests allowed me to simulate the actual testing environment and the possible time pressure I might encounter. Their video lectures are very comprehensive with topics explained in detail to ensure everyone understood. It was definitely an advantage that lectures were uploaded so students will be able to rewatch later. This flexibility also allows for those who are busy with work or studies to catch up. Other things like tips on how to answer lengthy questions that would otherwise consume valuable time, in addition to and mnemonics which helped ease the memorization of terms and formulas that are important to keep in mind during the examination, are also a great plus.

The best thing about Learnfast though, is that they care whether their students fully comprehend the concepts and ideas they impart. I’m thankful for the help Learnfast has given my friends and I in taking the first steps to becoming doctors.

I have learned of Learnfast from friends who heard great things about the institution. As I am a graduating student, I could only attend NMAT review classes on weekends, and sessions with Learnfast allowed me to prepare for the exam without clashing with my academics.

I joined the intensive review sessions during November – December 2020 in the hopes of taking the NMAT in March 2021. However, the exam was moved to April – May 2021. This has proved to be a difficult time for me due to academic requirements and pending research. I was afraid that all of the things I learned last year would go down the drain because of the long gap between my review session with Learnfast and the NMAT. All hope was not lost because Learnfast offered sit-in sessions for those who joined the November – December sessions. I am very grateful for the chance to join those sessions and refresh the concepts and test-taking skills I have learned throughout my review.

The intensive review package offers plenty of modules and videos dedicated to assisting students in understanding the concepts and test-taking skills required to answer the exam questions. With guidance from Dr. Junie and Ma’am Bianca, Learnfast students are sure to get their desired percentile ranks and get into their dream medical school.

I first heard of Learnfast from my sister who also went to the same review center. I was told that Learnfast is one of the best review centers for NMAT, so I went along and applied there. After taking review lessons from them, it wasn’t an overstatement to say that they are one of the best because the review sessions were packed with a lot of sample problems, which include easy to understand explanations, well-organized lessons that give a sufficient overview of the topic, and fun tips and tricks that can be done in case we encounter an extremely difficult question. All in all, I had a very fun experience, but what really made an impact to me was the fact that even after our scheduled sessions, Learnfast still gave us an avenue for practice before our actual NMAT exam. We had this fb group where they posted questions daily, and through this I was able to practice and review even though school was hectic and time wasn’t on my side. Overall, I don’t think I could’ve gotten my current score without their help.

As someone working in a demanding profession, it was hard for me to look for a review program I could take while working full-time. Luckily, Learnfast offered a program that fit my schedule.

I had a 4-month gap between my review classes with Learnfast and my actual NMAT schedule. Between those months, I got busy and was not able to prioritize reviewing on my own. I was worried I had already forgotten all that was taught during the classes I took; but I just kept on revisiting the materials and watching the videos from Learnfast.

I’m also glad that Ms. Bianca and Doc Junie still accommodated my questions even after my program has ended and offered help in refreshing the lessons.

The most valuable takeaway from my review classes with Learnfast was the testmanship strategies because it’s true when they say it’s useless to memorize everything and master every concept as you only have a few seconds to answer each question. What’s more important is learning how to answer each type of question strategically and Learnfast trained me to do just that.

It was way back on October 2020 when my friends and I decided to review for the NMAT. After scouting several review centers, it was Learnfast’s package inclusions that really got us all hooked, so we went ahead and enrolled.

Juggling review classes and 6-day work weeks (most of the time even working overtime) was difficult. On Saturdays, I would open my live lectures while simultaneously attending to patients, which is why I highly recommend Learnfast’s asynchronous strategies as well because it helped me refresh concepts during my free time. Fast forward to around 5 months later, work was at its peak season. I had no time left to review all the lectures I had from way back as I would go home at 11pm and go to work at 8am the next day (still, with Saturdays). I bet all my cards on the stock knowledge that was reinforced when I took the review. I was not expecting to get a good PR.

I was shaking with happiness and excitement when I saw my NMAT result. I was able to prove to myself that despite having a busy schedule, given the right materials and Learnfast’s guidance, this is all possible.

I originally planned to take the Oct 2021 NMAT. I was very anxious about the NMAT. But I took the May 2021 NMAT because I felt I was ready and prepared. I was never really the best student in college because I had poor study habits. However, one day my friend told me to enroll in Learnfast’s Working/Hectic Learners Edition (Block 5) and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made. Learnfast’s asynchronous modules are well designed and allow me to work at my own pace which was very beneficial for me as I usually like studying at weird hours and also had lots of other requirements throughout the day. What I really liked is that the modules were straightforward and really focus on how you can ace the test. This is important for me as I value studying smart and efficiently. Learnfast also gives many tips and tricks that were super helpful during the real test. I was able to do well in subjects I had almost 0 background in because of these tricks. The mock tests given were also extremely helpful because it allowed to become very confident when the test day came. Overall, I strongly recommend Learnfast as it gives you all the tools for you to achieve a high NMAT score.

As someone who is not good at math and has minimal foundation in Physics and Chemistry, I really had a difficult time studying for these 3 subtests. It was difficult for me to grasp the concepts, especially during the first few meetings of our review but Doc Junie and Ms. Bianca were able to explain the concepts well that would help their students to easily understand it. They also made sure that all of their students are able to fully grasp the topic and are able to keep up, they are very
accommodating as well when it comes to our questions regarding a
confusing topic. They will also provide you with numerous materials (modules, videos, mock exams) that are comprehensive and will surely help you practice for the exam. Also, what I appreciate most about Learnfast is that they don’t only teach you the traditional method of answering, but their review focuses on testmanship strategies which really helped me when I took the NMAT. By continuously practicing these techniques, I never experienced time constraint when I took the NMAT. Without Learnfast, I wouldn’t have attained this kind of PR score. I actually never thought that I would get a PR score in NMAT that is a line of 9 but with the help of Learnfast it was made possible. Also, I really appreciate the team behind Learnfast because even though my review schedule in Learnfast was last June-July 2020 pa, they didn’t stop keeping in touch with me and still gave me tips and materials that would help me in preparing for the NMAT. They stayed with me until I was able to take the NMAT last May 2021. That’s why I really recommend enrolling in Learnfast Review. They really care for their students and with their utmost ability, they will set you up for success.

I took my NMAT during my final year in college. Juggling it with academics was extremely stressful which is why I decided to enroll in a review center. Fortunately, Learnfast offers reviews for students with a hectic schedule which fits me perfectly. I had the opportunity to learn at my own pace and even sit in with other classes. Ms. Bianca, Sir Norman, and especially Doc Junie were always there to guide me. Learnfast taught me how trust works. If it is content that you are looking for, they offer a wide variety of learning materials taught by competitive teachers. But what I value most is their technique, a technique only Learnfast can give you, which I can say is accountable for the majority of my points in NMAT. My main takeaway is, learn to trust. Thank you so much for Learnfast!