NOV 2021 NMAT – Another magnificent triumph of UST- LEARNFAST STUDENTS

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I enrolled in LEARNFAST along with a group of friends because they were kind enough to offer a discount when a group reaches a number of people (kaya mag-aya na kayo! barkada bundle ika nga). I got the PREMIUM hectic learner’s packet because my program is exactly as the name states: super hectic. This offers a full access to the videos and their recordings so that you can insert them in your schedule. The review is structured and very easy to follow. You don’t need to think about it because they did it for you already. Just listen, take the mock test, and take note of your mistakes. That’s it! Along with that, Learnfast also closely monitors your progress, so they don’t catch you lacking. If time isn’t on your side, I’d definitely recommend LEARNFAST to learn fast . Love to all the instructors!

My NMAT experience:

The verbal part of the aptitude test had very long excerpts. Some of the questions allow you to skip to a certain paragraph to answer them but I always found myself reading all of the passages to answer the other items. Quantitative reasoning was a little easier than expected. the quantitative reasoning course in my packet definitely prepared me for that part. The hardest was inductive reasoning and also where I used my white board the most to map out whatever sequence they need me to find the next item for. My favorite part was perceptual acuity. The trick there is not to bother the reference image. Go right to the choices and scan for differences. Once you find one, then compare to the reference image to cross it out. It’s even easier for the perceptual acuity items with sentences as there’s often a difference in punctuation. The spelling is often hardest weed out. My eyes started hurting during the acuity parts.

For the special area tests, I did see some of the items from the review book. It’s either you know it or you don’t. Luckily I already have quite the background in Chemistry so I could dig deep into my mind how to do the converting and the limiting reagents.

Overall, not that nerve wracking. The review definitely helped me edge out a lot of points.


At first, I was really hesitant whether I should enroll in Learnfast, because it was costly, and an additional expense during the pandemic. However, let me tell you that the prices of the packages in Learnfast were really worth it. I am also grateful that they also offer lots of discounts, especially if you enroll early and as part of a big group.

Throughout the course of the review sessions, I saw how I improved in my test-taking skills. Learnfast teaches their students not only concepts, but also testmanship skills. Aside from showing you the topics you need to focus on, they also give you tips on how to answer questions you know little to nothing about. They teach you how to approach the inductive reasoning, and perceptual acuity subtests – the subtests I found to be the most difficult before I enrolled in Learnfast, and now to be actually quite easy (still challenging but easier than other subtests for me). They also teach students how to answer fast and correctly; very important for competitive time-pressured tests such as the NMAT.

The materials they gave were also complete. The practice tests, lecture materials, and reinforcement tests really helped me prepare for the NMAT. Their synchronous and asynchronous lectures were fully packed with the concepts you need to know for the exam. The instructors were also very accommodating to students. They also offer reinforcement or sit-in classes, depending on your package, which were also very helpful.

When the results came out, I did not expect myself to get a high percentile ranking. This semester was one of the most hectic semesters I’ve had, and I had little time to review for my NMAT. November was also the month when most students decided to take the NMAT, which meant that it was more competitive. Thankfully, even though I enrolled in Learnfast during the summer, the learnings given by Learnfast retained until the time I took my NMAT in November. The reinforcement classes they gave near my exam date recapped most of the necessary information, and also refreshed my test-taking mindset. I am also most grateful that they extended the access to the google drive of learning videos and materials. It gave the time I need to balance my NMAT review with my academic responsibilities.

With God’s grace, the help of the people around me, and the academic guidance Learnfast offered, I was able to get a PR exceedingly higher than my expectations. Thank you so much Learnfast! I am beyond grateful for your help, as this serves as a big step towards me realizing my dreams as a future doctor.


When I was preparing for the NMAT, I was VERY skeptical about review centers thinking that they were mostly just a waste of time and money. However, many of my classmates were taking review centers such as Learnfast and they had nothing but praise so I eventually gave Learnfast a shot. And, to be honest, after taking the NMAT and seeing my results, I could say that Learnfast really did become a huge part if not, the ONLY reason that I was able to achieve the PR that I got. Even though I was not able to follow their schedules for the live lectures due to the busy semester, all of their reading materials, recorded live lectures, asynchronous videos, mock tests and lecturers were very helpful in allowing me to learn and re-learn what I needed to know and how I could learn it in the most effective way possible. Their testmanship tips and tricks on how to answer the NMAT, especially with Part 1, was a very big help for me in answering the QUANTI and IR sections efficiently, allowing me to focus more time on the other sections which are usually my weaker side. I also appreciated with how I knew I was improving through their modules and mock tests, allowing me to focus on my weaker subjects while strengthening my stronger subjects. Without Learnfast, I honestly would have not gotten a high PR score and for that, thank you Dr. Mangahas, Ma’am Bianca and all of the Learnfast staff that made this possible! Truly a “bang for your buck” for someone who wants to have a high PR in the NMAT.


At first, I was not planning to enroll in a review center since I already many some learning materials acquired from the internet. However, I heard about the Learnfast from my friends who said that it was the best review center for NMAT. So, I decided to try it to at least acquire even more learning materials. As the review sessions go on, I realized that Learnfast isn’t the traditional spoon-feeding education that you see in other review centers. Learnfast literally taught us techniques to efficiently answer questions that even seem too difficult. Learning was not limited to the subjects covered by the NMAT per se, it includes from the very preparation (e.g., what is NMAT?) to the things that are recommended to do a few days before the actual exam day. In my case, I was not too confident with social sciences since I’m a biology major, not to mention my weakness in verbal ability. But Learnfast did a good job making these subjects appear easier, especially when they taught us the tricks in answering these questions with great ease. Overall, I’m so grateful to Learnfast for imparting to us their wisdom and helping us ace the NMAT. I recommend aspiring medical students to enroll in Learnfast to prepare for such medical examinations.