TESTIMONY OF A UP LOS BANOS – BS CHEMICAL ENGR STUDENT (NMAT % RANK: 99+) – “Coming from a non-medical related background, I knew that there are items in the exam that I had no knowledge of. I needed help to equip myself better and be even more competent for the NMAT. After some research, I decided to trust Learnfast. They taught me new concepts and refined my testmanship skills, which gave me the confidence and right attitude for the exam. Overall, I can say that my experience with Learnfast is very much worth it. “

TESTIMONY OF A STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW YORK – BS BIOCHEMISTRY (FIL-AM) STUDENT (NMAT % RANK: 99+) – “Before enrolling in Learnfast, I was very nervous about the NMAT because I had not been in school for a long time and would have to review a lot of concepts that were probably fresh in other students’ minds. However due to Dr. Mangahas and his Learnfast team, I was able to gain the confidence and believe in myself that I could do well. I am very happy with how I did and my result shows that their unique way of teaching both the concepts and testmanship skills necessary to manage a test like the NMAT really works!”

TESTIMONY OF A UE – BS BIOLOGY STUDENT (OCT 2017 NMAT % RANK: 99) – Two years ago, when I enrolled in Learnfast Review Center, I had the objective to achieve an NMAT score that I would be satisfied with (85-95). But, when the 2017 October NMAT came, I was afraid of taking it. I did not feel so confident in myself because I felt like I could not remember everything. It took me two years to finally grapple with my fear of the NMAT. I look back on it now and I think that my decision was very foolish. I should have believed in myself, because I realized that everything that I learned from Learnfast two years ago really did stick with me. My score is proof of this! That is why I am ever so grateful for the unique teachings and consistent preparation given to me by Dr. Mangahas and his team. With serious effort and  excellent guidance, a high score is only within arm’s reach!

TESTIMONY OF A UST – BS BIOLOGY STUDENT(NMAT % RANK: 99) – “The idea of taking a standardized test wherein they rank you and thousands of other NMAT takers based on your score is a very scary idea. However, thanks to Learnfast Review and Tutorial Hub, I became much, much more confident in myself. They somehow managed to teach all the sciences and enhanced my reasoning skills in a short amount of time. This also allowed me to become more disciplined in my academic life in college. I knew that the NMAT definitely requires knowledge of the sciences and proper reasoning skills. Overall, I would suggest Learnfast to everyone who plans on taking the NMAT. It definitely works!”

TESTIMONY OF A TRINITY UNIVERSITY OF ASIA – BS NURSING (RN) (NMAT % RANK: 98) “I am 33 years old, an alumnus of Trinity University of Asia, BSN 2006. I was out of school for 13 years and my strong desire to be a great doctor compelled me to take the NMAT. I was very nervous, especially when the date of the NMAT exam was pushed earlier than I had anticipated. I already filed my leave from work, and could not change it any longer. Fortunately, I chose the right review center (Learnfast Review and Tutorial Hub), which offers daily review for working reviewees. Dr. Mangahas, Ms. Bianca, Sir Fred, and all the Learnfast staff were helpful in guiding us throughout the review, which boosted my confidence in taking the exam. They helped me  understand my areas of weaknesses and helped me to improve on those areas (they even granted my request to conduct more practice exams in those areas of weaknesses). Honestly, I didn’t believe their prediction on how many topnotchers we would have in our class. But upon getting the results, I was pleasantly surprised and very happy with the outcome.

Learnfast’s unique way of teaching, including the testmanship skills you learn during the review really works. As long as you attend the review classes, listen, and believe in them; you are guaranteed to have high NMAT score. I am proud to be a Learnfast NMAT student!”

TESTIMONY OF A PLM – BS NURSING STUDENT (NMAT % RANK: 97) – “I took the NMAT 3 times without attending any review classes, all those times my scores were far from my target. For my 4th try, I was really losing hope of achieving my target score when I thought of enrolling at Learnfast. Dr. Mangahas and the other lecturers’ innovative teaching of concepts and out of the box test taking skills gave me an edge and a new insight on how to tackle the NMAT and with that, yielded a score I’ve only dreamt before, but now a reality! All of the concepts and skills you will learn from Learnfast are really tested and proven to work!”

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